Yann Seinera has started his activity of ironworker on 2013. If the first customers were essentially of acquaintance, the “word of mouth” has quickly allowed to increase the order book. To the point where on 2014, the company “Ferronnerie Des Granges” welcomes its first employee.

To support such a development, the “Ferronerrie des Granges” employs today 5 ironworkers and 1 industrial designer.

A clientele and creations that diversify

On 2015, the “Ferronnerie Des Granges” has started a collaboration with Volcom®, the famous brand of clothes and accessories designed to surf, skateboard and snowboard activities. As well as to making their furniture, the “Ferronnerie des Granges” also manufactures many ornamental metal products such as metallic trees, which equips Volcom® stores all over Europe.

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